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Smart EAP

PHS is leading the digital revolution of EAP in South Africa, by introducing inua, a ground-breaking digital EAP designed to ensure that employees and their family members have access to EAP services anywhere, anytime, on any device, on any browser.

The first truly holistic counselling, healing and advisory service in Africa. Holistic counselling; spiritual healing; and health advisory services for employed people (and their dependents) is delivered via an integrated 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology platform enabling service users to have a wider choice on how they can access those professional services beyond the traditional access.

We have designed truly holistic programmes that enable diverse spiritual counselling and healing interventions that are rooted in spirituality such as Christianity; Judiasm; Islam; Hinduism; and African Traditional belief systems as part of our spiritually augmented approach.

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Our programmes ensure that you receive holistic and integrated end-to-end wellness solutions under one roof. Why not give us a try and allow us to impact your bottom line positively with our tried and tested scientific interventions.